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Home automation, Internet of Things

Home automation, Internet of Things, these terms are a hot topic these days. "Things" are starting to talk to each other, are internet connected, and are trying to make our lives and not less important, our homes, more comfortable. Which is nice, but, comes at a price.

Automation has always been a product of niches and always comes with a bunch of extra costs. It needs to be installed, programmed and often are very complex. Also, you have to play by their rules.

We believe this can be different by using free, open source software.

Software development

We provide plugins to get the most out of your automation system. We provide existing and custom made solutions.

Hardware development

When in need for custom hardware, we can provide this using open source solutions.


To make sure your solution is used as intended we can help in offering custom components and visuals.
Custom code

Custom software

We can create custom defined plugins for your goals like connecting to the cloud and/or integrate your devices/custom hardware

Custom hardware

Custom Hardware

Often the need for custom hardware is needed to reach your goals, we can help you with open source hardware.

Custom interfaces

Custom interfaces

Automation can be used with many purposes which often require their own interfaces. We can create them or help you with them.